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The religion that I am going to talk about today is the Jehovah??™s Witnesses. I choose them primarily because they are a religion that I am most familiar with and also believe in the things that they do and their practices. Although I am not a Jehovah??™s Witness, I like to think that when I am finally ready to get into religion that Jehovah??™s Witness will be the religion that I will choose. Let me give you a little insight on the Jehovah??™s Witnesses today. They are a religion that is based on the Bible and its??™ teachings. I know you might say that isn??™t every religion based on that, but I have seen many times that some religions will make things ok and there will be nothing in the Bible that says that it is ok. So they are the type of people that will not only tell you something but they will also show you from the Bible and also help you understand it better. They do not celebrate holidays like Christmas, the fourth of July and Easter and they do not believe that Jesus Christ died on a cross; they believe that he died on a stake. They also believe very strongly that you need to go out and preach the Bible to as many people as you can. This is a crucial part to the religion in that just studying the Bible is not good enough. You also have to preach and practice in the faith. They also believe that God??™s name is Jehovah, and that he sent his son Jesus Christ to die for our sins. So now that I have given you a little more insight on their practices and what they believe in let me give you a summary of their place of worship.
The first thing that I would like to say about their place of worship is that they do not call it a church; they call it The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah??™s Witnesses or Kingdom Hall for short. So if you find someone who is a Jehovah??™s Witness they will not say that they are going to Church they will say that they are going to the Kingdom Hall. So I went with my sister to the Kingdom Hall about a month back. I had not been there in years and saw many faces that I remembered when I was going back around 10 years ago. It looked very well kept and had not really changed in the past 10 years. They have a main room where the talks are conducted with around 200 seats in that main room. They also have a small glass room on the side that will fit around 50 people. This room is used on their weekday meeting where you have the option to stay in the main room or to go to the side room for some talks from other witnesses in the congregation. They also have a place where there is information on who is talking and what the topics of the upcoming talks will be. There is also a place where you can order any book you want. Along with that they also have CD??™s you can order if you do not like reading as much. From what I saw it was not a very big place and was not overly dramatic on the visuals as some churches are likely to do. It is just a podium with a place to put your papers with a microphone on it with some seats behind it for the scenarios that they do on their weekday meeting.
The next thing that I am going to do is give you a summary of the interview that I gave my sister not too long ago I asked her questions that many people who were not familiar with that religion would ask. These are the questions that I asked and these are the answers she gave me.
1. Why do you call this religion Jehovah??™s Witness
Based on Isaiah 43:10 which says ???That you are my witnesses is the utterance of Jehovah, you are my servant whom I have chosen in order that you may know and have faith in me and that you may understand that I am the same one. Before me there was no god formed and after me there continue to be none. ???
2. What is unique about this religion
???We are the only religion that uses Jehovah??™s name and we are the only religion that talks about living forever here on earth.???

3. I have heard this religion being called the truth, what makes this religion the truth and not some other religion
???The reason we call this religion the truth is because it is scriptural.??? John 8:44 says ???Jesus is speaking here and you are from your father the devil and you wish to do the desires of your father. (Jesus was speaking to the religious leaders of that time.) That one (the devil) was a manslayer when he began and he did not stand fast in the truth because the truth is not in him, when he speaks the lie he speaks according to his own disposition because he is a liar and the father of the lie.???
4. Does anyone get paid to be a Jehovah??™s Witness
???No. this is based on Matthew 10:8 that says that you receive free give free.???

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5. What kind of donations is expected from those who are Jehovah??™s Witness
???Voluntary donations only.???
6. How much does a Bible cost
???Free, if you would like to donate you can but it is free.???

7. How much does any book or CD they offer cost
???Same answer it is free. If you would like to donate you can but you don??™t have to.???
8. If I wanted to be a Jehovah??™s Witness, how would I go about doing so
???By studying the bible with one of Jehovah??™s witnesses first.???
9. What does it mean to be baptized in this religion
???It means that you are now dedicated to God in doing his will.???

10. If you could give someone from another religion a statement about the Jehovah??™s
Witnesses what would that statement be
???That the theme that runs throughout the Bible is the vindication of Jehovah by means of his son Christ Jesus.???

11. We have been hearing over and over again that the world is going to end in 2012
What is your take on this and when is the world going to end
???We do not know when the world is going to end.??? the bible tells us in Matthew 24:36 ???Concerning that day and hour nobody knows neither the angels in heaven nor the son, but only the father. We do not believe the world is going to end in 2012.???

12. Do you have any advice for someone who is thinking about being a Jehovah??™s
???The advice is that we are going to all have trouble regardless of who we are. In the past Gods people have had troubles.???In 2nd timothy 3:12 says ???In fact all those desiring with Godly devotion in association with Christ Jesus will also be persecuted, do not let this discourage you.???

13. If I want to learn more about this religion what should I do
(???Pray about it to God???) ???Then when one of Jehovah??™s Witnesses comes to your door invite them in.???

Now that we have seen what the Jehovah??™s Witnesses are about let us compare them to another religion. The religion that I have chosen to compare them with is the Muslims. The reason that I choose this religion to compare them with is because how different they are from one another. Although they both believe that Jesus was born from a virgin named Mary, it??™s the Jehovah??™s Witnesses that believe that Jesus is God??™s son. The Muslims believe that Jesus was just another prophet but not that he was the Messiah. Their practices in the worship can be quiet different as well. Muslims believe in fasting and a lot of prayer. Although the Jehovah??™s Witnesses believe in prayer and do so they do not do it as much as the Muslim people do. Jehovah??™s Witnesses do not fast however; they believe that preaching the good news to others is one of the best ways of worshiping Jehovah God. Another big difference is how they conduct themselves in times of war. The Jehovah??™s Witnesses do not believe that getting involved in war is the way to go. The Muslims believe that it is ok as long as it is in self defense. Now what has happen in the past decade or so is those extremists have taken this concept to a whole new plain. They have killed people and have fought in the name of God during war times. Although this is not really what the Muslim people are about, it is not uncommon for someone who is Muslim to strap explosives on their body and kill themselves along with anyone around him. What this has done is made a really bad name for people of the Muslim religion and has caused a lot of controversy because of the way the terrorist approach religion. You will not see anyone kill someone in the name of God with the Jehovah??™s Witnesses simply because it says in the Bible not to kill and it is also one of the Ten Commandments. Another huge difference between the two is the way they punish people. The Jehovah??™s Witnesses might dis fellowship someone for committing a sin where the Muslim people might just go right and kill you. A lot of things in this religion seem to be punishable by death. Even the act of being in another religion can constitute death in some places in the world. It really can be scary to think that you can be killed for what you believe in. However it happens every day in the Middle East. Now I understand that most of the people doing such acts are terrorists but you have got to remember that they are still claiming a religion when doing so. It really just does not seem fair to the Muslim people that people can claim their religion and act in such a way. One last thing that I would like to mention is that their Bibles are also different from one another. One is called the New or Old Testament or even the King James Version and the Muslims Bible is called the Quran. This makes for some pretty interesting debate because both sides could argue that if it isn??™t in their Bible then it must not be true. So it can be really pointless to try and argue your points to someone who says this especially from these two religions.
So now that we have learned a whole about the two religions we can see just how different they are. Not only that but you can compare most religions and there will be plenty of differences between them. It is very hard for someone of a religion who is set in believing what he believes in to change religions. You really have to break them down and answer all of their questions, because if you don??™t then there is no reason for them to believe what you are saying. I also want to make it clear that I am not for any religion or against any religion. I would like to become one of Jehovah??™s Witness one day but when that day comes I do not know. The same goes for anyone else trying to find God. You have to be very picky at times to make sure that the religion you are in seems to be the one that makes you a stronger person and helps your faith with God. In the end they say that you are forgiving for all of your sins in death so maybe one can argue that it really don??™t matter what religion you are in just as long as you have faith.

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